Strategic management assignment

Strategic management assignment

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The SMP requires that you select one firm in the hospitality or leisure sector on which contemporary published information is available. You should collect ten sets of information that you put in a file as part of your assessment to provide the supporting evidence for your answers to the ten questions listed below. These should be answered on a weekly basis.

Answers for each of the ten weekly activities should be about 200 words with a maximum for this part of the assessment of 2000 words.

Note each question is based on the material in the relevant Topic and the corresponding chapter in Hill & Jones.

The 10 questions:

Give a short account of the history of the company and trace the evolution of its strategy over time. Try to determine whether the strategic evolution of your company is the product of intended strategy, emergent strategies, or some combination of the two.
Does your company have a formal mission statement? Does it define the business, identify major goals, and articulate the corporate philosophy? Or if your company lacks a mission statement, what do you think its mission statement should be like?
Apply the five forces model to the industry in which your company is based. What does the model tell you about the nature of competition in the industry?
What are the distinctive competencies of your company?
Evaluate the competitive position of your company. Explain what, if anything the company needs to do to improve its competitive position.
What are the advantages and disadvantages associated with your company’s choice of business level strategy?
Discuss how your company has attempted to develop a competitive strategy to protect its business level strategy.
How responsive is your company to differences between nations? Does it vary its product and marketing message from country to country? Should it? Or what foreign market might your company enter, and what entry mode should it use to enter this market? Justify your answer.
Assess the potential for your company to create value through diversification. In reaching your assessment, consider the bureaucratic costs of managing diversification.
If your company has entered a new business area during the last decade, evaluate the rationale for using this particular entry strategy. Or if your company has restructured its business during the last decade, discuss whether you think that exiting from this business area has been in the company’s best interest?

Answer the following question in a maximum of 1,000 words.

Discuss the likely success of the organisation that you have studied, based on your analysis of the ten questions above.

What do you hand in to be assessed at the end of the module?

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