Strategic management

Choose the tactics and strategies and find the examples based on real Australian companies that implemented those tactics and strategies. you may choose the following tactics & strategies: – Integration – Marketing tactics – Diversification – defensive – Michael’s porter 5 strategies – differentiation – joint ventures – mergers-acquisitions – first mover – outsourcing Or you may provide your own tactics and strategies. Please read the attachment guidelines carefully

Research Task: “Strategic management — as distinct from general day-to-day management — may involve some radical changes for some managers as this can mean they need to become proactive in the tactics they use and in their facilitating strategies to enable their organisations to become and remain strategic by achieving a competitive advantage”. Explain this statement in an essay of 1,750 — 2,000 words after having undertaken your research by choosing (and explaining — with Australian examples) five tactical or facilitating strategic efforts which managers and organisations can undertake in order to achieve and sustain competitive advantage. WeightinciNalue: 25%
Word Limit: 1,750 — 2,000 words excluding references, headers and footers.
Include the word count at the beginning of the Assignment.

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