Strategic Management

Strategic Management

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According to Case Study – Carnival, Please write about :
‘Stringent Resources & Competence Matrix Analysis (Porter,1996, Parhalad & Hamel, 2003) + Four Filters of Core Competencies’ &
‘Dynamic Capabilities’
*I have uploaded a file that you can follow the format and come up things for Competence Matrix Analysis & Four Filters of Core Competencies (doesn’t have to make the table, just type the words out is okay for me).
Around 100 words for each one (Core Competencies)(Dynamic Capabilities)*.

Also please write about what kind of options can help Carnival to gain competitive advantages and strengthen its competitive position, use ‘Three tests’: *around 600 words*
Fit Test -external and internal environment (e.g. VRIN) [How well does the strategy fit the organization’s situation?],
Competitive Advantage Test – internal environment & competition [Can the strategy help the organisation to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage?],
Performance Test – past performance & benchmarking with those 2 main competitors [Is the strategy producing good organisational performance?]
‘Ansoff Matrix’ *around 400 words*

Finally, for the Recommendations: *around 500 words*
1. Acquisitions of Asian cruise line
2. Launch of smartship
3. Use Costa for rich elderly go for a longer trip in Asia
4. For younger people can go to south east of Asia (use social media to attract)

***IMPORTANT: CANNOT get extra data from wider reading – it is how well you use the case study and the official website of Carnival ONLY ***

***ALSO, you can only use the books from file of ‘APPROVED BOOKS’ as references***

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