Strategic Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management

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analysis and recommendation report in Human resource management for a certain case study.

Rail Wars – may the HR force be with you!
You are the HR Director of Yorkshire Trains, a regional rail company who has sat
comfortably alongside local and national competitors such has First Capital Crmnect, First
l’ransPennine Express, Northern, Hull Trains and Virgin Trains East Coast, delivering
quality rail transport, at affordable prices to all passenger groups in the region. However,
since the downturn in the national economy (the so called ‘Credit Crunch’), fortunes in the
rail sector have recently taken a turn for the better in terms of an increase in footfall and
rising rail fares leading to rising revenues for the rail operators. ‘lhis is clearly
Task 1(700 words)

1. Definition of contextual issues and why is it important to address them in this case.

2. These are the issue I will be addressing in my essay: (analyse)

• Poor management and organization strategy process.
• Growing competition and losing competitive edge.
• Dealing with political and economic issues, such as nationalization and financial crisis.
• Getting in customer mindset.
• Employee turnover.
• Customer complains (unhygienic environment, rude staff, poorly presented meals)
Growing competition and they are loosing competitive edge is one of the major issues they are facing, and Human Recourse is a part of developing a competitive edge as they are the head of the organization culture.

Customer satisfaction is one of the key drivers of gaining reputation and competitive edge. Effective customer service comes from well-trained employees. Complains of delays and overcrowding specially on peak hours are one of the contextual issues I’ve picked and its due to lack of organization strategy process and poor management.

Employee turnover disadvantage is the continent training and developing new employees to gain the basic skill and knowledge to preform a certain job in the company’s style, and it consumes one of the vital recourses in an organization which is time and scheduling. Therefore employee motivation and satisfaction is prime to decrease employee turnover and increase customer service.

Customer complains should be addressed and not avoided as it mentions in the case study. Unhygienic environment, delays and overcrowded coaches these problems decrease the company’s reputation. Management and staff should have more training and knowledge to decrease these problems as much as possible to gain competitive edge.
Task 2:

• My aim.
• HR polices.
• Vertical and horizontal alignment.
• Balance scorecards.
• Critically analyze polices.

These HR policies and theories I will be adding them to the case and try to find the best polices that help the organization and its limited recourses.

First, Investing in people by training and development for middle managers and staff. That will help increase customer services and staff relation with customers. Also will help develop the operation process and services and increase motivation.

Second, adding reward management polices and bonuses based on performance reviews as financial benefits is one of the biggest motivators to employees.

Finally, I will back these polices with theories, I will research into motivation theories and look for the biggest motivator other than money and bonuses. I will use theories such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Vrooms expectancy theory.

Task 3:

• Choose two barriers that will effect the new HR polices
• Critically analyze the barriers.
• Plan B if the polices didn’t work.
I will analyze my HR strategies with SAF framework tool. It analysis the suitability, accountability and feasibility of the strategy, also I will research the barriers the company will come across if they apply my strategies. Such as financial resources and time management.

The resist of change from management level and staff level employees is another barriers in my opinion and I will research examples.

Agency problems and fails and changes in governments regulation and competition.

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