Strategic Growth Plan for an Existing Small Business(of our choice).

Strategic Growth Plan for an Existing Small Business(of our choice).

read through guidelines document uploaded on the comprehensive instructions on this Strategic Growth Plan. Please choose an Existing Small Business( Must be existing) for the analysis.

2.    As the document provides us with a very comprehensive guideline on writing this Strategic Growth Plan, you MUST kindly follow ALL the requirements set out in the document, including the structures, contents and key points. DO NOT write the plan in a different way. The professor has a very strict requirement on following the Guideline document !!! If the completed Strategic Growth Plan is not in the required standard, the entire writing will be rejected. So please finish it carefully.

3.    As a very brief reminder, the structure of the Strategic Growth Plan should be as follow:

Table of contents

Organisation Strategic Position (750-1000 words)

Strategic Industry/ Market Analysis/ competitor analysis( 1500 words)

Recommended Growth Strategies (2000 words)

Managing the Growth(1000 words)

Appendices  (Including a Reflective Learning Experience Statement(250 word) and other tables and chats and SWOT&PEST analysis. Etc.

4. The number of references cited should be around 30-40.

Strategies for Building Business Success

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