Strategic Analysis Report on an international sport/event/hospitality organization

Strategic Analysis Report on an international sport/event/hospitality organization

1.Please carefully read the separate Assignment Brief document I provided on the detailed tasks and instructions on this report.

2.The main objective of this assignment is to critically apply and use the strategic models and frameworks to analyze an international sport/event/hospitality organization and provide strategic recommendations. Therefore, strategic models and frameworks must be used across the entire report for the analysis instead of a general description of the history of the organization.

3.As a guide, the strategic models/tools that may be used include but not limit to:
a.External Analysis and Market Based View(MBV): PESTEL; 5-Forces; EV forces; Competitor Analysis; Customer analysis and segmentation; Key Success Factors, etc.
b.Internal Analysis and Resource Based View (RBV): Resources Analysis; Core competencies and analysis; Distinctive Competencies Analysis; Strategic flexibility and competitive positioning analysis; Value chain analysis, etc.
c.Organisational Analysis and Organisation Based View(OBV): Stakeholder Analysis; Corporate Governance Analysis; Mission, Vision, Objectives and Analysis; Business ethics and CSR analysis, etc.
d.Corporate Analysis
e. International Analysis
Information to writer: you don’t have to use all the above analysis models, I just provide you with some examples of the models that may be applied to this report. You can use some of these strategic models or use other models that you think are more suitable for the analysis of your chosen international sport/event/hospitality organization.

4.As this is a Management report rather than a general essay, the structure of the report should be clear with appropriate:
Tile page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Strategic Analysis (using various analysis tools/models)
Identification of Key Strategic Issues
Future Strategic Options
Strategy Evaluation and Selection
Justification of Recommendations and Action Plan
Appendix and References
5. Make sure that the references are cited in Harvard Style


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