Story on Twitter and following it

Identify a trending topic or story on Twitter and follow it
for a week to determine how it is represented on the Twitter platform. Note the story
development and the story arc of the topic/story you choose.
• Identify the hashtags associated with your topic or story and use those as one way to
keep track of the arc of your story or topic
• Identify people and publications who post about the story/topic. Check these accounts
daily to keep track of and analyze how their coverage and/or responses are developing
and tracking during the week. Keep a journal or timeline to help you keep track of this.
Take screen shots or cut and paste the text so you have specific examples to use in your
analysis. You will turn this in with your written analysis.
• Your written analysis should include the following:
o Identify and describe the story/event/topic
o Describe the story arc you noticed in your week-long observation. How was it
first discussed on Twitter, how did it change as the story/event/topic developed,
and where was it at the end of your week-long observation? Note the arc,
changes, and conclusion at the point you stopped your observation. include at least 3 examples (tweets/responses) to help support your analysis
o How are people on Twitter – in their responses or retweets – interacting and
engaging with this? Include some examples to support your observations.
o Based on what you’ve read in the texts and what we’ve discussed in class, how
did this week-long observation adhere to or demonstrate successful social media
Your written analysis should be 2 to 3 pages long in addition to the media journal – you will turn
in both documents to the Twitter/Social Listening dropbox on D2L by
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