Stereotypes and Media

Choose a film or television show that portrays Native Americans to a significant degree. There are countless movies out there about Native Americans you can choose, both modern or going back to early
Westerns. For television shows, you can choose either one with a Native American character, one that had a character or storyline arc over several episodes, or one in which a Native American character was
highly featured in a single episode. Cartoons and animated films are also acceptable to use for this assignment.
What movie/show/cartoon did you pick? Briefly and concisely summarize the plot and how Native Americans figured in, and if they were generalized or featured as a specific tribe, culture area or group. Were the
Native Americans seen as heroes, villains, or a combination of both? Were they major characters in the media you picked, side characters, or minor ones? What stereotypes and generalizations, if any, did your
choice reinforce about Native Americans? How are these historically inaccurate? What aspects of Native American culture, if any, were portrayed correctly? (Base these on some research, citing what was
wrong/right and why!) Do you feel the overall portrayal of the Native Americans in your selected media were positive or negative, and why. If negative, do you feel this was intentional, and if so why? If positive,
again why. Be sure to take into account the time period this movie was made and the audience it is aimed at in answering these. If you could change anything in your selected media, or improve some part of it,
what would you do differently? For example, if you had to reboot this piece of media, how would you bring it into the modem times or make it more relevant?

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