Starting a conversation

Starting a conversation

Here’s the instructor instructions:

This is basically a one page that shows your intentions for your Communication Project.  There are four basic elements to this paper in order to cover all information needed:

What Topic You Have Chosen
You should begin your paper with a short paragraph introducing your specific topic.  Make sure it is a topic related to COMMUNICATION and it is an aspect of INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION.  It must be relevant to the class.

Why It Relates to You
If you choose a topic that means nothing to you, this exercise will not help you to improve your communication skills and it will be of no use to you.  It is not my intention to have you do empty meaningless “busy work.”  Your topic should be a part of your communication experience that you would like to learn more about and improve.  It must be relevant to you.

Why You Think It Would be Useful to Others
For the best results, your topic and what you hope to learn about it should be useful to others as well as yourself.  As fellow humans, we all have many things in common despite our individual uniqueness.  You will find out that those areas that concern you in communication are shared by many.

How You Intend to Research It
This is probably the hardest part, beyond choosing your topic, to predict in the beginning.  Answers may range from the shallow, such as “I plan to look for some books on the topic,” or “I plan to search google for articles,” on to more sophisticated responses like, for example, “I have found that there are many books on this topic and I will use the 2-3 that I found most current and relevant which are ______________ by ___________ (and so on), and I will also include 2-3 academic articles which I found in the ___________ Journal.”  You are free to use your own individual preferences for research as long as your sources are scholarly, reliable, and fairly current.

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