Based on this Standards Lecture, write a summary paper (one page) including the following topics:
1-Name five new things that you learned about standards from the lecture on Standards.
2-What did you find most important about the standards?
3-What did you find most interesting about the standards?
4- In consultation with your sponsor, name at least five different common standards used by your project company.

(use common standards and I work with company specializes in commercial and industrial water purification systems producing high quality, ulta-pure water from industrial grade deionization resins, and provide highly efficient reverse osmosis membranes, specially designed granulated activated carbon filters, carbon block and catalytic carbon filters, MicroTec, MicroSpun, MicroPleat filters, sediment filters, plus specialty resin cartridges including: color-indicating mixed-bed deionizing cartridges, lead removal multi-media cartridges, semiconductor grade mixed-bed resin cartridges, color-indicating anion cartridges. We also offer bulk deionizing resins: color-indicating mixed-bed resin, color-indicating strong base anion resin, strong acid cation color-indicating resin, strong acid cation resin in sodium form, semiconductor grade mixed-bed resin, and semiconductor grade strong base anion resin.)

In consultation with your sponsor, name all standards that apply to your project (at least one or two), describe how they affect your project work, and describe how you are (will be) compliant with them.

( my project is Inventory Control Planning)

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