spring Project

spring Project

SPRING- BUS3243- Assignment/project
NOTE: Students expected to use the feedback provided in the Module 4 assignment to ready them for this project this semester.

1) Business Idea – describe briefly clearly succinctly. Use influencing points from the text for an Executive Summary style description of the business /business idea/ product idea/ service idea. One to two paragraphs.
2) SWOT – correctly classify internal from external forces. Here again the graded samples area plus
the video’s provided will help demonstrate the level of performance. Must have 5 in each S,W,O &T.
For each Opportunity and each Threat a cited credible source for each must be provided.
3) Product the Business will sell- Detailed description of the product (or service) to be sold. Explain where materials, supplies, or parts will be purchased from (name). Include the NAICS code and and the NAICS description. Both the text and Blackboard have information on NAICS.
4) Target – Using the Graded Samples – and – using (the improvements from) Module 4 assignment provide 3 demographics, 3 psychographics (how the customer thinks/values), and 3 behavioral traits (what the target does/ how they behave). There are both Business to Consumer and Business to Business samples provided the first day of the course.
5) Management Plan- remember- management is critical to success. What and who are the first employees? Provide for the first 3 years of the business, roles, goal, skills, hiring & firing guidelines.
6) Mini-Marketing Plan –
a. Location – (If online state type of online domain/blog/ etc versus a physical location. If a physical location, then provide the closest intersection to the ideal location.) Location selection and description must demonstrate the Target customer is within a reasonable distance for physical location choices: (see Research Resources)
b. Promotion plan – provide the paid advertising and free publicity plan- provide details &/or samples.
c. Pricing plan – provide the pricing policy. This is the pricing of the product(s) or service(s) being sold. Give examples of the prices.
d. Sales channels – if there is distribution/sales channel (including value added resellers), then describe the sales channels used to launch the business.
7) Financial Requirements –
#1) provide/complete and submit Figure 8.2 from the textbook (see chapter 8). Provide those elements from Figure 8.2 with the estimates the students can substantiate. Cite sources used information is found and used to help complete this section.
#2) provide a 12 month / month to month view of Sales Forecast with COGS = Net Margin. This ProForma will look very similar to a sample provided under Graded Samples. (Students reminded that a graded sample posted first day of the course.)
8) Competition – list three (3) top competitors- there are no circumstances that exist where “no competitors” can be a correct answer to this request. There are at least 3 direct competitors or 3 indirect competitors. “No or Little” competition will have an automatic 10% reduction in grade. Provide/support reasons for each competitor selected.
1 | P a g e o f 2 E N T R 3 2 4 3 – M a j o r P r o j e c t
What student’s submit:
Clean, well-organized plan – in 100% Formal Voice. (Informal voice will automatically cost 10% of the points possible). Audience is a Lender.
File Format – See syllabus! 5% automatic reduction for missing requirements.
Deadline – April 19th (affording students 84 days to work individually or with other students to complete this assignment) Only one upload per student.
Reminder: review graded samples, review videos provided, use the textbook, use the research resources, and review the grading rubric for assignments. 2 | P a g e o f 2 E N T R 3 2 4 3 – M a j o r P r o j e c t

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