Sports Tourism Experience

Order DescriptionIn a 500-750 word essay, create a sport tourism experience. This could be an event, active customer participation, or nostalgia. Describe the details surrounding the experience, and be sure to include the following in your essay:

Identify and provide a brief description and purpose of the experience, including identification of the target market.
Is this an international experience? If it is, how would its considerations differ from a noninternational experience? If it is not an international experience, how would it differ from one that is?
What sport professionals you would need to complement the experience and why? If no sport professionals would be needed, explain why.
Expenses: How much would your experience cost? Include compensation for individual sport professionals (salaries, accommodations, and other expenses), vendor costs, operational services (facility prep and cleaning, security [including traffic control], transportation, etc.), advertising/promotion, and administrative expenses.
Funding and revenues: What would be your sources of funding and their projected monetary support? Explain how the experience will be generating revenue and project how much?

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