Sports and society in the Ancient World

Sports and society in the Ancient World

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Analyze each object individually: what does it depict? Be as detailed as possible.
• Is there any connection between the subject of each work of art (wrestler, etc.) and its
medium (bronze, vase-painting, etc.?)
• Why was each of these objects made? What can you say about the likely circumstances
of their creation?
• What can each object tell us about the role of athletics and athletes in ancient Greek
society? Think about where each object would have been kept/placed, and what its
function would have been.

1. How do you rank the core values mentioned in? How do you put them into practice? Are there other values in your value system not mentioned here? What are they? Are they restatements of the core values? If so, how? If not, how do they differ?

2. Compare/contrast the ethos of the hosts of the various TV talk shows. How does each host’s ethos differ from the others’—for example, does Jay Leno seem more or less sincere, an expert, or more dynamic than David Letterman?

3. How have American values changed since September 11, 2001? What examples can you give?

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