spirituality in health care

spirituality in health care
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Directions for final paper: Choose a topic related to spirituality in health care discussed by one of the authors of our textbooks to guide your in writing a two-paged reflection paper (double spaced, 12 pt.) In exploring this topic, you should explicitly relate it to your emerging vision of your spiritual calling within health care practice. Your paper should engage a theme presented in Puchalski and Ferrell’s book, or one in Ortberg’s book as this them relates to your calling in heath care. Remember that personal and spiritual reflection, along with direct reflection on the selected author’s ideas, will be needed to complete this assignment.
Guidelines for the papers are:
Make a number of specific references in this paper (using quotations or paraphrasing of your author’s ideas) to one or more theme discussed by your selected author. Include also a brief summary of the broader religious worldview or biblical focus that informs the author’s position. You also need to make clear what aspects of your author’s perspective(s) or world view you agree with and disagree with.
Examples of a possible topic include issues like (choose one or create one of your own):
In what ways do you think your participation in various spiritual disciplines discussed by Ortberg might influence or support you in dealing with moral distress, or knowing how to respond when you find yourself disagreeing with how patient care is being handled in your workplace? (You may also apply the same question to other challenges you anticipate facing in your professional life.)
In what ways have you expanded your vision of your role in interprofessional collaboration concerning the spiritual care of your patients after reading Puchalski and Ferrell’s book?

In what ways do you anticipate spiritual or contemplative reflection will contribute to your own healing as well as your skillful contributions in proving spiritual support to patients and team members, thereby enhancing your sense of calling as a healer?
In what ways do you hope to employ specific models for spiritual histories, spiritual assessments, and spiritual care plans in your future work as a health care professional?
What kinds of disciplines or practices will equip you to follow Jesus in providing a compassionate, caring presence to all patients you will encounter?

What kinds of spiritual disciplines do you anticipate will help you to mature in your personal and professional development based on what you have learned about your Enneagram type and in reading Ortberg’s book?

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