Speech at Clermont

Speech at Clermont

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Urban II: Speech at Clermont 1095  (Robert the Monk version)


Soloman bar Samson: The Crusaders in Mainz, May 27, 1096

In each essay assignment, please read all documents and choose one of the sets of primary documents assigned and write a minimum 500 word essay, answering these questions about the documents you chose. In all subject matter of the following paragraphs, compare and contrast the similarities and differences of the two documents you have chosen through elements such as time periods; cultures of the subjects; backgrounds of the authors; intended audience for the document; political and/or economic conditions; religion and church institutions; geography and the dynamics of place.

1. (4 pts) Paragraph #1 = From whom did these documents originate? – where? – when? –and why? Compare and contrast the similarites and differences of their origins and intent.
2. (4 pts) Paragraph #2 = How do these documents fit into the cause and effect cycle of history? How are their contexts similar and how are they different?
3. (4 pts) Paragraph #3 = How do these documents further your understanding of the historical era  from which they came? What impressed you about their similarities and/or differences?
4. (3 pts) Please quote 2 short passages, 1 from each of the documents in any 2 of the 3 paragraphs above as supportive context for your essay.
Please follow this rubric for formating your essay into the 3 designated paragraphs.

last essays advise from prof.

I am writing this general critique on the Primary Document Essays as I am seeing issues many of you are having and I want to address these:
I have given you a very specific format that I want = 3 paragraphs and each paragraph being very content specific:
1. 1. The first paragraph is for your identification information. This DOES NOT require NOR do I want you to cite any secondary sources as to where you got your information. This data is common acceptable historical knowledge and does not require it documented in these essays. However, I expect it in your Themed Research Paper, but NOT in these essays.
a. Many are not giving me enough details in your ID paragraph OR your information is vague or entirely inaccurate.
b. When you identify the source, it is NEVER the modern editor, redactor,  or translator of the document. It is the culture or society, such as the Hebrews, or the Babylonians, or the Chinese, etc. THEN it is a time period or actual dating, such as middle of the 15th century BCE, or between 1450 and 1400 BCE, or an exact date if known.
c. WHO = IF an author is known then name them or attribute it to them = such as Hammurabi, King of Babylon, or Moses, prophet to the Israelites.
d. I want to know WHERE this came from, a place, such as Lower Egypt, or southern Mesopotamia, or northern China and name cities if known, such as central city of Beijing, or Jerusalem in Judea. YOU ARE NOT BEING SPECIFIC ENOUGH.
e. Tell me WHO the intended audience is – who was this written for? Tell me WHAT KIND of document it is = a list of laws, or a religious legend, or a diary, or instructions for the dead in their afterlife.
f. WHY = a brief comment as to why this document was written = use this to transition into the next paragraph.
2. 2. The second paragraph is for historical context of the document = context NOT content – that is not a type-o. Many are giving me a full rehearsal of everything the document talks about = NO. The historical context I asked for in the instructions is the historical setting – what is happening in the history of this people when the document was written, what happened that lead up to its creation and what happens in the aftermath of when this document appeared = I need to know that you have learned where this document fits into the history of the people who produced it. This is the cause and effect cycle of history – the flow of historical events, of one leading into the other and placing the document in that continuum.
3. 3. The third paragraph is for YOUR PERSONAL interpretation of the document and telling me what you learned about the human experience of this society through this document. What impressed you, what surprised you, what moved you!
4. 4. I want you to provide two quotes in your essay from the documents. These must be quotes used to support your analysis in 2 of the 3 paragraphs and should be SHORT = not paragraphs. AND THEY MUST BE parenthetically cited = look that up in a style guide or go to the writing center if you do not know what that means. I expect everyone to have had English writing classes and to have learned this.
5. These essays DO NOT REQUIRE a Works Cited of secondary sources nor do I want to see one. I do not want you quoting or citing secondary sources in these essays. I only want you citing the actual document itself when you quote it.  IF you read my instructions for these and follow the rubric and refer to the sample essay, you will see that all of this is NOT new – follow instructions.


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