Speech Analysis

Speech Analysis

(FIRST 2 PAGES)For writer, please write the analysis on HOW CHILDHOOD TRAUMA AFFECTS HEALTH ACROSS A LIFETIME on Ted Talks. Go to https://www.ted.com/talks, then go to SORT BY and pick INFORMATIVE, then scroll down and look for HOW CHILDHOOD TRAUMA AFFECTS HEALTH ACROSS A LIFETIME by NADINE BURKE HARRIS, POSTED FEB 2015

We learn and grow as speakers when we watch other speakers. Your assignment is to watch 1 speech (totaling at least 15 minutes in length) and write a 2 pages analysis of the speech and speaker’s presentation style. Your paper should be in formal academic format. Please include a title, your name, class and time. Please introduce the speech you watched in your paper with the title of the speech and the speaker’s name. You must also cite the speech at the end of your paper.

• If you watch a speech via the internet: include the date of the speech, the network, the speaker’s name, and location of speech plus the exact link to the speech.
Guiding questions for your analysis: You do not need to answer all these questions, just pick out enough to thoroughly analysis and write a 2-page paper.
*All papers must include the speeches general purpose, specific purpose, and what you believe to be the central idea.
Did the speaker have a memorable introduction? Well organized speech body? Was the conclusion memorable?
Was the speaker enthusiastic about their topic? How could you tell?
What made the speaker effective or ineffective?
Was the speaker believable? Why?
Pay attention to appropriateness of body language (eye contact, gesturing, and movement), clarity of speech, and vocal strategies (rate of speech, pauses, tone, and pitch). What feedback would you provide the speaker(s)?
Was the speech audience centered? How? Did the audience seem engaged? How did the speaker connect with the audience? How did the speaker hold your attention?
How did the speech/speaker make you feel?
What did you like most about the speech? Was there something about the speech you felt could be better?
You are encouraged to add any additional information about the speech and or speaker you feel is relevant to your Oral Communication learning experience.
This assignment is not a play by play of the speech. You are seeking to critically examine the elements of the speech and speaker that captivated or missed out on captivating the purpose of the speech.

(LAST 1 PAGE) Pick any speaker from Ted.Com. Please provide title, speaker’s name, and the web link of the speech. Please write a 1-page paper addressing what made the speaker effective or ineffective. What were the general purpose, specific purpose, central idea, and main points? How did the speaker catch the audience’s attention at the beginning of the speech? How did the speaker conclude the speech? What did you take away from the speech? 1 page.

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