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PowerPoint (PPT) Assignment

Consider that you are a Health Information System (HIS) consultant. You have been asked to search,

select, and evaluate Electronic Health Record (EHR) software that already exist for presentation to

an actual or hypothetical client.DO NOT CREATE YOUR OWN SOFTWARE!

For this course you will have to complete a PowerPoint Presentation (PPT), video or a slide show

presentation (PPT) or Prezi PPT (proper link and a copy of your Prezi presentation as a PDF). Your

PPT should include a minimum of 10-20 slides (Title and Reference slides are required and are NOT

included in the slide count). This assignment must be submitted to the assignment dropbox area for

review and grading by the assigned deadline. Failure to submit assignment within the dropbox area

will cause a “0” numeric grade. NO assignments are accepted via FIU email, and or course email (No


Your presentation (PPT) should cover the following issues:

1) Title of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software :

Include (Student First and Last Name)

2) Information about the software developer:

-contact information

-corporate information

-line of products and pricing

-product ratings from clients and other agencies using the product

3) Information about software (nature of the software program):



-Infrastructure requirement (hardware, network etc.)

-Implementation schedule (healthcare agencies, companies, etc.) using the product.

-Cost for leasing and or purchasing the product. Customizations and support for the product.

4) Live demonstration of the product (include video within the PPT)

In addition, include Tables, Charts, Diagrams, and Screenshots (within the PPT)

5) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the EHR selected.

6) Recommendations
-Given the information available to you, would you recommend this product? Give your reasoning why

or why not? Be specific and indicate your rationales.

7) Two References are required (APA Format): Your references ca come from, journals articles, inter

sources, etc.

Students are encouraged to come forward with their own assignment EHR ideas!

Much of the information required for this assignment will be available from the Web and industry

trade journals (e.g., Modern Healthcare). I recommend using the FIU library which is available

online and Google and or Google chrome.

You may also wish to request product literature from vendors, or obtain it through your own or

another organization. Although not required, you may also wish to interview one or more individuals

with relevant experience and expertise. Most importantly be creative

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