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  1. People tend to act differently in groups than they do alone. Describe the two sociological theories that explain why individual behavior might change in a crowd. What are the two different classes of social dilemmas? Explain both and describe how each works. Finally, explain the difference between progressive and regressive social change. Make an argument for either one of these types of social change and explain why you think it is important (note: you can use an example of a group that already exists or create one of your own). (chapter 16)
  2. The poor and working class arguably have less leisure time than the wealthy – discuss the reasons why this is true. Give several examples of the differences between the leisure activities of the wealthy and those of the poor and working classes. Which group’s activities do you prefer and why? In what ways has the media has been used as a tool of social change (make sure to give at least two examples)? What do you think of “fake news” websites – do you think that these are protected by 1st Amendment free speech rights or do you think these should be outlawed? (chapter 13)
  3. Describe three ways the rise of the industrialist economy increased levels of stratification in regard to class, race and gender. Explain the three ways that the industrial revolution changed working conditions as well as many other conditions of life. Even in the U.S., there are programs that would qualify as socialism; discuss three programs that qualify as socialism and explain whether you support or oppose them. Are there any that you think should be eliminated? Why or why not? (Chapter 11)
  4. Describe the three theories of population growth (Malthusian, Neo-Malthusian, and Anti-Malthusians). Discuss the trends in urbanization including suburbanization and its effects. Explain the problems associated with “white flight” and the reverse of white flight – gentrification and urban renewal. Do you support or oppose urban renewal and gentrification – why or why not? Explain the effects of living in the city such as social atomization, alienation, and pluralistic ignorance. (chapter 15)
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