Sociological research

In addition to the material we covered this semester, there is a number of other chapters in your textbook, each
of which deals with a subfield of sociological research that can benefit from the broader perspectives we have
directly studied. These chapters are:
Health and Medicine
Collective Behavior
Choose one of these chapters and prepare a 10 slide Powerpoint presentation or well written review of 5
pages. You will need to address the following:
What are the general perspectives and conclusions that exist in the subfield you have chosen?
How can major sociological theories (such as structural-functionalism, symbolic interactionism, conflict theory,
and interaction theory) be applied to the subfield? Choose at least two.
How can general sociological concepts be applied to the subfield? Choose at least two of the following:
Social inequality
Social identity
Power and authority (counts as one)
Social change
Your score on this project will depend on how thoroughly you fulfill these requirements.
You are not required to use any references other than your textbook, but please make sure to identify them if
you do. Note, however, that your score will suffer if you simply review what is already in your text; you must do
your own work to apply the theories and concepts from this course to the chapter you choose. There are no
formal requirements for citation style. If you choose to do a written review of the subfield, it does not need to
meet the formal requirements of an essay or research paper

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