social policy

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And the first part is basically a summary of second one that going through the what’s the problem represented to be approach by Bacchi.

1. Presentation script.
Format: Video presentation Word count or equivalent: 500 words
As a policy advisor or lobbyist you need to be able to encapsulate your critical comments and suggestions in a brief face-to-face meeting with the Minister. You will likely have no more than 5-10 minutes with the Minister. If you are a policy advisor you may have stumbled across the opportunity to chat with the Minister in the lift. If you are a lobbyist (from a NGO, not for profit, academic) you may have been provided a brief meeting with the Minister or have just met the Minister at a public event.
Assessment 1A will not be marked if the Assessment 1B has not been attempted.
Task overview
The presentation is to include an introduction of who you are and the lens through
which you are examining the policy; your critique using Carol Bacchi’s ‘What’s the problem represented to be?’ Approach; and from a social work perspective an alternative proposed solution or resolution to the issue ie what might you be asking the Minister to do in response to your concerns.

Word count or equivalent: 1500 words
Social workers are often employed in positions where they need to be equipped to critically analyse policy and then defend their point. These positions include: policy analysts, political advisors, Ministerial advisors, lobbyists and board members of not for profit organisations. Government policy (public policy) is a complex and dynamic process. Public policy regularly deals with social issues, often intentions are good but the policy or program is poorly implemented, or has assumptions, silences and unexpected perverse outcomes associated with it. Using Carol Bacchi’s What’s the problem represented to be? approach the way the problem is produced through policy is everything. This assessment item is designed to get you to explore this complexity in relation to a selected policy or program.
This assessment is to be in essay format (introduction, body and conclusion) and must use academic referencing conventions.
Task Overview
1. Select an Australian social policy that will form the basis of your examination.
2. Research your perspective
3. Apply Carol Bacchi’s ‘What’s the problem represented to be?’ Approach to the social policy, including question 7 – examining your own assumptions.
4. Write your critical analysis including:
? Include a brief overview of the policy
? Effects (intended and unintended), problems, issues, benefits of the policy
? Carol Bacchi’s ‘What’s the problem represented to be?’ Approach critical analysis. DO NOT USE THE QUESTIONS TO FORMAT AS HEADINGS. This is an essay format.
? Current position on the policy
5. What might be some of the implications of this policy for social work practice.

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