Social networking analysis

Social networking analysis

Paper instructions:
Social Network Analysis Exercise (Assignment #2)

Define a social network to study. Your social network should contain 7-10 or nodes.
What is the known network? Who are the nodes and what are the relations of interest? Do you have a question to answer or a prediction about how certain attributes of the nodes may predict relationships in the network, of how some relationships predict other relationships?

Descriptions of measurement methods.
If you are going to conduct interviews, surveys, are they face to face or online?
How are you going to sample your network? Most will do full nework But for larger networks, you may choose a sampling method like random sampling- if so, explain the methods.

Build a Sociogram
Include an in-depth legend
You may use an application like photoshop, powerpoint, netdraw if you like, but it is not required.

Build a square array (matrix) of relationship information. You may have more than one, but should not have more than three. Include how are you representing the type or strength of the relations- are they bindedm categorical, ordinal, binary?

Build a table of node attributes. (approx 5-15 attributes).

A brief discussion of your findings. Write about what you found, refer to your sociogram, what do your findings mean about the network? How might you apply these findings to other social networks or to the world?

The Deliverables (three pieces of paper maximum turned in to class, assignment emailed to me in body of email)

a.) Approximately 3-4 pages total describing the social network of interest. Information about the nodes, the ties, the attibutes you intend to include, the methods for obtaining your data, sampling, etc. Spacing does not matter as long as it is easily readable.
b.) Your sociogram and matrix (these can be inserted within text if you choose).
c.) A table of node attributes, and square arrays for each relationship measured.
d.) Conclusion/Discussion of your findings.
e.) Your assignment emailed to me in the body of the email one hour before class (2:15pm)


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