Social media and organization

Social media and organization

Make the research about company in united arab emirates

Corporate communication profile

Type of Assignment:
Individual project
Select a local, regional, or international company and examine its corporate communication activities focusing on its communication functions. Recommend a

communication plan to help enhance its reputation. Students will orally defend their plans.
How to do that:
1.    Each student has to choose a national, regional or international company
2.    The main goal of your research is to make a profile focusing on that company’s communications. You need to examine their communication activities based on the

below standards and make your recommendations to help them to enhance their reputation in the market.
3.    At the end you need to present your research in class defending your recommended plan
4.    These are, but not limited to, the points you may address in your project:
a.    Name of the company and a short history
b.    The company’s activities
c.    The span/area of activities
d.    The size of the company (number of employees, branches …etc.)
e.    Define and analyses the company’s communication plan/strategies.
f.    In addition to the above, these are the main point to address but not limited to them:
i.    Corporate reporting
•    Annual reports (print and online)
•    Integrated reports
•    Sustainability reports
•    Messaging/theming workshops
•    Staging for annual general meetings
•    Corporate reviews and profiles
ii.    Capital-raising documents
•    Scheme booklets
•    Prospectuses, rights offers, IPO advertising
•    NOMs and other information memorandums
iii.    Other stakeholder collateral
•    Traditional marketing communications, e.g. corporate brochures, newsletters, direct mail etc.
•    Branded content for digital platforms
iv.    Internal communications supporting employee engagement and the talent brand
•    Culture-change programs, e.g. values, safety, ustainability/CSR
•    Software/technology roll-outs, e.g. SAP
•    Communications supporting the implementation of a new business strategy/plan
•    Launch of a new sub-brand or rebrand
•    Social media, blogging and thought leadership programs
•    Internal newsletters, intranets
v.    Recruitment collateral
•    Traditional advertising, brochures etc.
•    Social media for recruitment purposes, e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn
g.    Due date: December 18 for the document and the presentations. Late submission is not acceptable.
Criteria for making
•    The elements and the information of the company        = 40%
•    The structure of the paper                    = 20%
•    The structure of the PowerPoint                 =20%
•    The actual presentation and defending                = 20%


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