Social Commerce – The use and abuse of Twitter

Topic: Social Commerce – The use and abuse of Twitter

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In response to news from the Bank of England that they were withdrawing a picture of the Quaker reformist Elizabeth Fry from sterling banknotes concerns were raised amongst feminist campaigners that this left only the Queen representing women on bank notes. The feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez organised a campaign to highlight this. 35,000 signatures were collected and the issue was highlighted in the Media. The Bank of England responded by announcing that the author Jane Austin was now to be used on sterling banknotes emphasising the success of Caroline’s campaign (Telegraph 28th July 2013).

However, the media later reported that as the success of her campaign was celebrated on social media, she also received hate mail directed at her through her Twitter account. She received 50 abusive tweets an hour in a 12 hour period.

For this activity, please create a discussion, 1300 words , on issues relating to cyberbullying and the issues of abuse, particularly of women, on twitter. You can include other examples of cyberbullying which have been widely reported in the press. Also see if you can find informed commentary in the media on this issue discussing issues around cyberbullying. For balance, you could also include examples of where Twitter has allowed an expression of positive human values such as the recent twitter campaign honouring the cricketer Philip Hughes in Australia, #putoutyourbats

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