Single Parent Homes and Child Development

Single Parent Homes and Child Development

Project description

Once you have logged on please click on FOLDER at the top right corner. Next you will see 4 books that you will use to create the research paper. You must use all 4 books.

After you have clicked on the book please scroll down and you will see table of contents and a link that says REVELANT PAGES FROM THAT BOOK.PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO REVELANT PAGES SINCE THOSE ARE PAGES RELATED TO MY TOPIC Please click on the small plus signs next to table of contents. Once you click on the plus signs, options will drop down and you can navigate through what chapters you want to read.

Here is the 5th source. I would recommend reading this one first.§ionid=692

This paper needs to be 4 full pages and 1 reference so a total of 5. Below are the instructors instructions
You are required to write a traditional research paper (which we call a review of the literature) about a topic in Child Psychology. The topic and your reference list must be cleared with me before you begin your outline and rough draft.
Attach a copy of your topic and reference list to this assignment for submission. You must use a minimum of 5 sources for this paper.
The references for your paper should be relevant and current and your paper should be well documented using APA style. Websites for writing APA style and an example of an APA style paper are included in the External Links section. Citations should be from scholarly books and scientific journals.
All facts stated in your paper should be documented and the source listed in your reference list. All references in your list should refer to facts stated in your paper.
Magazine and newspaper citations are generally not acceptable. For instance Developmental Psychology is acceptable, butParents Magazine is not. If you are not sure, consult with your instructor. Most of your references should be current, ie., 2004 or more recent. Also, please do not use textbooks, encyclopedias or a dictionary as a reference. Your paper should have a minimum of eight references.
The paper should be a minimum of five pages, double spaced, including the reference list.


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