Simulation Reflective Report

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Assignment Specification
An individual report on the performance of the company in the simulation, and an analysis of the extent to which the group’s objectives for the company were achieved and the plans implemented. The report will also require your reflection on group operation and relationships, personal performance and contribution, and how well the module learning outcomes have been met.

This is from my tutor below
Assignment two is very much a reflective piece on the simulation. Of course, this has to be written in an academic style so it WILL have to be referenced.
With that in mind think about the issues involved in remote “working” or remote teams-time differences, difference in language, difference in culture. Is there a leader-do you need one? Motivation within the group. Did you help others with their motivation or was that someone else’s job? Team motivation – everyone’s responsibility? What do you do if someone leaves a group or a pairing?
There are MANY studies on each of these topics so you should have no trouble sourcing or referencing this academically.
In addition, consider your own motivation, your own contribution. Whilst there are unlikely to be any academic literature about you (although you never know), I am sure there is a lot on remote working and motivation, motivation in general and so on.
Please note these are only suggested headings and as it is reflective then there is no strict right or wrong answer, nor indeed right or wrong topic.

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