Siddhartha Worldview

Siddhartha Worldview

Discern and construct the worldviews emerging out of the readings for each of the key figures examined in the course (Siddhartha ) . It should include (i) describing how the figure/tradition would answer each of the nine fundamental questions, and (ii) providing at least one critique of the figure/tradition based (in part) upon the criteria for worldview assessment.

The main sections and subsections of the paper should be clearly identified (e.g., Part 1 ? Siddhartha Worldview, then Origin, Condition, etc.; Part 2 ? Critique of Socrates Worldview).

citations should be properly formatted. Cite the specific work and paragraph /scriptural text rather than the entire course text books. For example, use Plato?s specific book title and the ‘Stephanus pagination’ (e.g., Apology 61c) instead of the course text (The Last Days of Socrates, p. 23). As another example, use the specific scriptural text (Bahagavad-Gita 2:15-20) instead of the compilation text (Anthology of World Scriptures, p 214).

explain ONE fundamental question and provide a critique on that same fundamental question.

book ” Anthology of World Scriptures”, Robert E. Van Voorst

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