should family of brain dead patients lose hope or wait on the patient

Topic: should family of brain dead patients lose hope or wait on the patient

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Its the first draft, and its argumentative essay and I agree with the topic so I am with ..
This is what you should already have:

• Thesis Statement (3 rules: complete sentence, have an opinion and express one idea; Topic and Controlling idea)
• 10 arguments supporting your Thesis statement (pros)
• 3 Arguments opposing your Thesis statements (cons)
• Don’t argue: Preference, Faith/Belief, Fact
• Decide who your reader is!
• Ethos, Pathos and Logos (opinions of experts, examples and facts)
• How to use Internet:
• Library Research (2-3 articles)
• Google Scholar
• Relevant Blogs
8. Refute: means to prove wrong by argument or to show that something is erroneous. (agree with valid points)

Format for Draft 1:
• 1 inch margin
• 12 point font
• Times New Roman
• 750 – 1250 words (3-5 pages typed)

Organizing the Argumentative Essay:
• Introduction (including Thesis)
• Background (anything audience needs to know to understand the issue)
• Argument 1 (explanation and support)
• Argument 2 (explanation and support)
• Argument 3 (explanation and support)
• Refutation of your opponent’s most important argument
• Conclusion

• Summarize
• Demand action / call for action
• Suggest a solution
• Predict an outcome
• Do not repeat the introduction

Pay attention to the Coherence and Unity and don’t forget to edit!

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