short stories from Literature

short stories from Literature


Project description
We are continuing with the short stories from Literature and the Writing Process and are now moving on to new stories, as well as some theory about how to write about literature and short stories in particular. The book will provide you with tools that will help you discuss the stories and analyze them. For your information, your next essay will be a compare and contrast essay of at least two stories from this book, so as you read, take notes in your journals about things that stand out to you and that you find coming up in different stories.

Things to consider when reading a story are themes, structure, the use of dialogue, the descriptions of characters, symbols, plot, setting, metaphors and similes, etc.

Please read the following:

1) Page105-112:This is a good introduction to what we will be learning, as well as a more in depth look at the use of structure in a story.

2) Page 130-133: This talks about symbols in short stories.

3) “The Lottery” on page 133

Writing Homework:

1) Answer questions 1-6 on page 125.

2) Answer questions 1-6 on page 139.

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