Short Answer Questions- Religions and Humanities

Short Answer Questions- Religions and Humanities

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Format: Short answer questions
Question 1 (250 words, not including references):
Outline the Christian and Muslim understanding of deity and the world. Discuss any issues involved between the two traditions.
Question 2 (250 words, not including references):
What are the main Islamic groups? What distinguishes them from each other?
Question 3 (200 words, not including references):
Discuss the history of Judaism in terms of exile and return.
Question 4 (150 words, not including references):
Look at critiques of agribusiness (large scale agriculture), and alternatives to this. Since small scale farming by women produces so much of the world’s food, examine gender issues and some projects aimed at such farmers.
Question 5 (200 words, not including references):
Global Warming and Environmental Advocacy: Given that 97 – 98% of climate scientists are certain that anthropogenic (human-made) global warming is occurring, discuss climate change denial, and why it is presented as a viewpoint that deserves equal time in the political and media ‘debate’.

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