Sex equality in sports

Topic: Sex equality in sports

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This is a very important essay.

We have very specific instructions from the prof and we will lose marks if we do not follow each of them perfectly.

I will send them.

Due date for essay is March 24, 2016 but I need to hand in an ESSAY OUTLINE by Monday March 12, 2016.

Can you please provide with me an ESSAY OUTLINE containing the following by March 12? then it will be approved on March 14th. and you can start the essay and have 10
days to complete it. PLEASE CONFIRM.
ESSAY OUTLINE must include:
1. essay topic: sex equality in sports
2. 4 sources (one must be Chapter 23 from the book ETHICS in SPORTS by William Morgan)
3. Thesis statement (must be a clear, concise, and meaningful statement of the position you will argue in the paper)

I go to a Canadian university so try to use at least 2 Canadian sources if you can.

*** I will send more instructions once you confirm that you can do the essay outline first then the essay in 10 days after that.

Course I’m in is: Critical thinking and ethics in kinesiology THIS IS WHAT THE PROF EXPECTS US TO DELIVER WITH THIS RESEARCH ESSAY. The assessment will be based on the
student’s ability to demonstrate critical reflection through the application of knowledge and skills learned. 1. not a big intro 2. thesis must be clear and concise 3.
some clarification of the central concepts – a summary and explanation of someones else attempt to solve the problem 4. Your arguments for the thesis and an evaluation
of Hargraves’ arguments and solutions (1-1.5 pages) – Example: Explain why her argument is valid/invalid, good/bad, strong/weak, how yours differs – If you agree with
Hargeaves, clearly explain why 5. consider reasonable, intelligent,and strong objections to your position (one page) – attempt to address any possible objections to
your view 6. recognize the difficult part of your thesis statement **it is better to note and discuss possible objections to your stance rather than have the reader
think you did not consider them** 7. some replies or indication of how you would handle the objections (1/2 page) – your attempt to respond to the objections 8. if you
have no response, say so **it is better to suggest an area of future study that to suggest implausible responses to show you are right ** 9. your conclusion and
summary – a thorough carefully constructed paper is essential not being profound recap of what you need 1st paragraph (this is what I’m going to argue) body paragraph
(these are the arguments and examples thatsupport what I’m arguing and the problematic areas that make things difficult) conclusion (this is what i argued)

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