Service Dominant Logic

Service Dominant Logic

. A critical review of the current state of thinking in the literature on Service dominant logic and Good dominant logic.

Detail:Argument between Service Dominant Logic and Good dominate Logic
base on literature review to compare Service Dominant Logic and Good dominate Logic?why someone support service dominate logic and why some think Good dominate Logic is well ?
****(1,500 words)

2. A review of how service dominante logic and Good dominant logic has/is been/being embedded in organisations/initiatives in your sector.

Detail: Find 2 specific hotels or tourism companies or tourism destinations as case study. The one use Service dominate logic the other use Good-dominate logic to prove service dominante logic is best andGood dominant logic cannot give benefits to company. and Service dominate logic make more benefits to company.
(1,500 words)

3. Critique the value of your marketing concept/practice whilst making recommendations for its use in the future.

Give some suggestion about service dominant logic to the company u discussed which use Good dominant logic service logic

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