Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

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write a 8-10 page paper that articulates your synthesis of course material in the context of your own personal and organizational experience.The paper, written in APA format, should integrate at least 10 sources (books, articles, videos, etc.) from class materials and contain the following sections:

An introduction that explains to the reader the purpose of the paper.
An assessment section that presents an honest look at where you are today.This MUST include the four key areas discussed in the whole person paradigm – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellness, but MAY also include any other relevant areas, such as time management, professional life, finances, etc.Sources and materials from this course that help you in the assessment will be included in this section.
In ideal vision of what your life would look like from your perspective today if you fulfilled your highest potential in the areas covered in your previous assessment section.Include a personal mission statement.Your vision can be supported by the various sources in the course.Various sources in the course helped you create your vision – this is where you would include those citations.
An objectives section that outlines, in as measurable form as possible, how you will move toward that ideal vision in the next 12 months.Perhaps have 1 wildly important goal for each area of your life – mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional.
A set of at least 3 specific action steps or habits you will initiate in order to attain those objectives/goals.
A personal evaluation of your leadership style in light of the principles and best practices of servant leadership theory.How does your approach to leadership up to this point compare or contrast with servant leadership theory?Be sure to integrate the sources from the course into your discussion and cite those sources.
A plan for applying servant leadership theory to your leadership style in the future.If you are a servant leader how will you help others to become servant leaders? What would you do to help others develop in this way? Be sure to use resources from the course to support your plan and cite them within the discussion.
A brief conclusion that summarizes for the reader what you have covered.


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