Sensory system

The following is a case study with four questions. You are required to respond to only TWO questions. Response to each question should not exceed 250 words and the length of the entire assignment is 500 words.
Assignment 1 – Case study.
John and Nathan are students, Their lecturer has just announced that the exam scheduled for the following week is quite difficult and so they should all ensure that they study well. John and Nathan decide to study together during revision week 13 and discuss what they have already learned about the sensation of pain to assist each other’s understanding. First, they form some general definitions and descriptions of the types of pain. Next, they spend some time chatting about the basic arrangement of the pain pathways, which travels along the three-neuronal pathway and connect to cerebral cortex. Nathan has a fairly good understanding of physiology of pain, while John can explain the evaluation and treatment of pain quite well including narcotic and non-narcotic pain killers (analgesics).
Answer ONLT TWO questions as though you were participating in the study session with John and Nathan
i. Explain with the help of a diagram the basic arrangement of pain pathway.
ii. Discuss what neuromodulators are and how they modulate the sensation of pain.
iii. Discuss how morphine controls acute pain.
iv. Describe the surgical treatments available for the management of chronic visceral pain.

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