Sensorimotor Integration

Order DescriptionDescribe how sensorimotor integration is organised and what neurological structures and circuits are involved in the creation of movement. Consider the role of altered body representation (body schema) and the role of the motor cortex, basal ganglia and cerebellum in sensory motor integration.

This is based off of the following example:

Symon is a 43-year-old office worker of average height and weight. He presents with a six- month history of right neck and right upper extremity pain that started for no apparent reason and he feels it is gradually worsening. He is a very keen right handed squash player and plays for his club, usually playing four times a week, including a match on most weekends. His job is computer based and he spends up to eight hours a day on his computer. He also has three young children aged one, three and five years old.

On further questioning, Symon reported that for the last couple of months he has been feeling very low due to the discomfort he is in. He had to stop playing squash and has been finding it very hard to motivate himself to do any exercise at all. One of the reasons for this is that he feels like his right arm and his body do not “respond” like they used to.

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