self-assessment and folder for your writing goals.

self-assessment and folder for your writing goals.

Close Reading Report
Major Grade – Writing Process, Prewriting, Rough Drafts, Final Draft400+ words
Close Reading Report/Project: Due at Final Exam
See assignment handout for class skills, format, and due date.
Select a reading from the essay materials that was assigned in class, or propose a reading from our class materials/online essays that was not covered in class. More than one reading could be selected. Your report will center on your critical reading response as supported by strategies as applied in class.

As the final addition to your portfolio of writings/projects, this effort will center on close reading skills and your own strengths and weaknesses as a writer and communicator.

Remember, examine your selected issue in light of the critical reading skills and avenues as modeled in class – see resources in Assignments. Exactness, intricacy, and variety of interpretation will be stressed – see class resources and models.

Major Goals:see your self-assessment and folder for your writing goals.
– Literal Reading Skills – thesis, secondary points, & the conclusion…
– Evaluation using the Avenues of Truth and additional Critical Skills…
– Interpretative Response – see class handout…
Class Writing Goals –MLA Format, selected genre, sentence variety(class notes), transitions(class notes), modifiers(class notes), word choice, thesis essay structure, paragraph structure…
Research Goals – range& quality of research as presented in class…
Prewriting – Cluster, Freewriting, Drafts, Peer Editing, Final

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