For the self-assessment paper, discuss your worldview, values, and beliefs; and how they may impact your understanding of counseling theory, and yourself as a practitioner. Based on your self assessment describe your counseling-related strengths and weaknesses, fears and insecurities, and personal insights regarding your personality, career interests/goals, and values.

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Course: PSY614 – Counseling in Performance Psychology

For the correct edition of the textbook assigned to a specific class, go to:
Corey, G. (2009)Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 9th edition. Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning . Belmont CA.  ISBN # 0840028547

Course Description: This course offers an overview of major theoretical counseling orientations and techniques and their application in performance psychology settings. Emphasis is on basic interviewing, assessment, and counseling skills that facilitate the helping process through integration of various theoretical models.
Course Learning Outcomes:
Apply the foundational skills of empathy, listening, and influencing, as well as recognizing worldviews.
Evaluate current psychological theories applied in performance psychology settings.
Demonstrate basic interviewing, assessment, and counseling skills.
Synthesize current research and theory and develop their own personal theory of counseling.
Program Learning Outcomes:

Analyze empirical and theoretical research related to the major.
Analyze the means by which psychological factors influence performance.
Apply counseling skills to working relationships with clients and athletes.
Apply theoretically sound performance enhancement assessments and techniques with individual performers and teams representing various competitive arenas.
Integrate theoretical perspectives from counseling and sport psychology and related fields into performance settings.
Students with Disabilities
Students seeking special accommodations due to a disability must submit an application with supporting documentation, as explained under this subject heading in the General Catalog. Instructors are required to provide such accommodations if they receive written notification from the University.
Writing Across the Curriculum:
Students are expected to demonstrate writing skills in describing, analyzing and evaluating ideas and experiences. Written reports and research papers must follow specific standards regarding citations of an author’s work within the text and references at the end of the paper. Students are encouraged to use the services of the University’s Writing Center when preparing materials.

The following website provides information on APA, MLA, and other writing and citation styles that may be required for term papers and the like:
National University Library:
National University Library supports academic rigor and student academic success by providing access to scholarly books and journals both electronically and in hard copy. Print materials may be accessed at the Library in San Diego or through document delivery for online and regional students. Librarians are available to provide training, reference assistance, and mentoring at the San Diego Library and virtually for online or regional students. Please take advantage of Library resources:


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