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Topic: See order description/writers choice
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This two-four page assignment should be typed in 12pt. font (Times New Roman), double-spaced (no quadruple spacing between paragraphs), and must have standard one-inch margins. Your name, your professor’s name, the course title, and the due date should be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the first page, and it should only appear on the first page. Your last name and page number must appear at the top right-hand corner of every page, including the first. Your title must be centered and should be creative.

This assignment calls for you to write a short story. Before you can analyze a work of literature, a student should create a piece of literature so that he or she will be able to understand the inner workings of a narrative. You will not be graded on the entertainment value of the assignment. You will only be graded on sentence structure, grammar, diction, and punctuation that you have learned in 1101, elements that will affect your essay grades throughout the semester. This is not only an assessment/diagnostic assignment; it should be beneficial when looking at other short stories as we continue with the semester. Please refer to the stories that we are reading as models, and note that when writing you are not telling a story, you are showing through description and movement a story taking place. No wedding ring or dead grandparent stories please.

You will need to meet the following requirements:

SETTING: There must be a setting in which the story takes place. Pick a place that you either love or hate, or you can even make up a setting. Try to be as descriptive as possible.

CHARACTERS: There needs to be at least three characters. There should be no more than six. One character should be central to the plot and narrative. Again, try to be as descriptive as possible

DIALOGUE: There must be dialogue; however, the story should not be solely dialogue. At least six lines of dialogue are required.

MOVEMENT: The story must have movement. The characters should not sit in one place for the duration of the story.

LENGTH: 2-4 pages

In grading, special attention will be given to the following:

Fragments, Comma Splices, and Fused Sentences.
Subject/Verb Agreement
Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement
Diction: NO SECOND PERSON: “YOU” AND “YOUR” (Unless in dialogue)
Development, Details and Descriptions

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