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See Instructions Field

Essay 1

Consider the American Empire of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Citing specific examples, discuss the expansion of American influence across North America, Latin America, and Asia during this period. How have various leaders justified America’s domination of underdeveloped regions of the world? What was the impact of America’s Manifest Destiny? Please focus your answer on the period 1862-1914.

Essay 2

From 1914 through the present, the United States military has developed into an international police force. To justify this, our leaders have often stressed the need to defend our freedom at home and to protect others from oppression. Using specific examples discuss how America has responded to various threats to freedom (both real and perceived) since the outbreak of the First World War. Do these threats justify America’s rise as a worldwide leader? Please focus your answer on international developments since 1914. *Hint: How is American action reflected in popular culture?

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