security software incident


security software incident


Paper details:

a selective software incident report should be prepared. The report should cover 2 software
incidents, one should be from 25 Sept to 2 Oct and another from 3 Oct to 9 Oct. (in the period Monday 25
September 2017 through Monday 2 October 2017). The software incidents should be a real incident reported in
the corresponding week. The report should cite the source of the incident and explain the incident. why this
incident has been chosen. (preference should be for high impact incidents or unique incidents). The
explanation of the incident must include technical details, the outcome of the attack and possible remedies
for such an attack.

The report has a maximum total length of 8 pages (max of 3 pages per incident) and introduction (max of‘I
page) which compares the sources and recommends a certain source of information and why. Finally. a
conclusion (maximum of‘l page) and then bibliography. A single column research paper format should be
followed. Your report should be written using your own words, all the details of incidents are available from
sources online. There are many incident sources that you can rely on to prepare your report including and not
limited to


Internet Storm Center (

SANS newsletters (


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