Security Professional

Security Professional

You are a Security professional hired by NextGard Technologies in Phoenix, AZ to provide a Windows security implementation model for their organization. NextGard

specializes in network consulting services for US companies and they want to upgrade and secure their current network.

NextGard has 250,000 employees in 5 countries. The Phoenix office operates as the NextGard Corporate headquarters. Currently there are five district offices:

• Atlanta, Georgia

• Bangalore, India

• Los Angeles, California

• Montreal, Canada

• New York City, New York

The district offices have satellite employees that have a combination of desktops, mobile computers and wireless devices. There is a mix of computers running

Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. There is a Windows Active Directory forest with domains set up for each office and seven file and print servers which

are located in the Phoenix office. The Phoenix office also contains two proxy servers, configured as an array, that provide Web cache services and Internet access

control for the organization since the majority of applications are web-based and hosted from the Phoenix office.

There are also several Microsoft applications that all employees within a region use that are hosted in the regional offices.  All employees have Internet access

so they can browse the web.


For the assigned project, you are to submit a proposal for the management of NextGard.  In the proposal, you must address the following:

Research solutions and detail the appropriate Microsoft Windows access controls including policies, standards and procedures that define who users are, what they

can do, which resources they can access, and what operations they can perform on a system.
Research and detail the cryptography methods to protect organizational information using techniques that ensure its integrity, confidentiality, authenticity and

non-repudiation, and the recovery of encrypted information in its original form.
Research and devise a plan to thwart malicious code and activity by implementing countermeasures and prevention techniques for dealing with viruses, worms, logic

bombs, Trojan horses and other related forms of intentionally created deviant code.
Research and formulate a plan to implement monitoring and analysis by determining system implementation and access as well as an incident response plan for

security breaches or events.
Research and detail security guidelines for contains the two proxy servers and Internet access control for the organization
Research and define best practices for the security of NextGard’s organization.


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