Security – Know your enemy

Security – Know your enemy

Intended Learning Outcomes:
1.    Demonstrate understanding of the need for system-level security mechanisms within IT systems
2.    Identify security technologies that can form the basis for countermeasures
3.    Understand the related practical considerations in implementing protection

To receive credits for this work you must submit the work by the stated deadline and attach a completed assignment submission form with a signed plagiarism declaration.

You must observe the assessment requirements. Working within such specifications is an essential part of academic and professional discipline and you will lose marks if you do not observe them.
Plagiarism Warning:
Please be aware that plagiarism is a serious academic offence. It is defined as the representation of another person’s work as your own, without acknowledging the source. This Foundation Degree operates under the University of Plymouth Regulations.


You are working as a security consultant to a large UK based but internationally operating company, you have been asked to produce a report that can be presented to the IT director around the need to ensure a new methodology is taken to help keep the company secure from IT threats.

Assessment Requirements:

You should produce a report which includes:

1)    Explain what a fully integrated security system may look like.

2)    Discus why a fully integrated security system is good for helping to secure an IT system.

3)    Why is it important that security policy mechanisms need to be applied consistently across an organisation, to both technical devices & users?

4)    Describe some of the more common security applications and devices, explaining how they can be used to secure a corporate IT system.
5)    Security with regards to Information Technology can be described as a trade-off between Security vs Functionality AND Security vs Privacy, discuss both these points of view with regards to securing IT systems.

6)    Define and give a description of the main standards in the ISO 27000 Series pay particular attention to the responsibilities of security.

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