Secondary application to look for admission into a Christian Medical School

Secondary application to look for admission into a Christian Medical School

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Please not use sources and try to keep my ideas as close as possible. You could do the paragraph again but please not change any IDEA. each answer can not have more characters allowed because I WOULD NOT be able to fit the answers and submit them online. Please read each question and answer carefully since tomorrow in the morning is my deadline and I do not have that much time.

1) Describe the extent and source of your knowledge of Loma Linda University School of medicine (only 750 characters)
The school of Medicine at Loma Linda University is a recognized and established institution. It has strong Christian foundation by promoting Jesus faith and Christian values. It welcomes student from different backgrounds, fosters research opportunities and clinical trials. Loma Linda University has being seriously compromise with the community allowing the first infant heart transplant, which I understand is one of the most complex surgical process. Amount its contributions it has played a pioneering role in the creation of a devise that through surgical intervention treats patients with prostate cancer. Loma Linda has reach out the community by offering medical assistance such as SAC to low income population. Loma Linda Medical School no only has prepared students to become successful doctors it has also carried out the mission to teach their students the important balance between the spirit and the body along with caring and compassion.

2) What it makes LLUSM particularly attractive to you? (750 Characters)
It has being difficult to be rise as a Catholic in Colombia where you can freely openly talk about God because everybody else does it. Although while attending in college in America you hear people saying to you that we should not talk about religion or politics. Also hearing that others could easily get in trouble for only expressing a “God Bless you” from their heart. It is sad to see that we have reached this point. I believe that especially the field of medicine needs a higher consciousness level in which there should not be a dissociation between body and soul as some scientific approach tends to ignore the presence of God in this beautiful creation.

3) What qualities make you desirable candidate for admission to LLUSM? (750 Max)
I had a clear memory when I was a child about my Grandfather telling me that education is something that you could always keep and that the most important mission that we have on this earth is to serve others. I have always tried to apply these ideas in my life while studying I tried to stay focus and spent my time wisely. I have taken advance science classes in order to better prepare myself for medical school. My inspiration to become a physician truly begins when I understood the real meaning of helping and the satisfaction derived upon it. I have that caring personality especially toward elderly, children and animals because they are the most vulnerable. My driven desire to become a physician has increased throughout different volunteer and medical programs that I have enrolled during the past.

4) Discuss how spiritual experience have influence my life and how you integrate to my daily life ? (750characters max)
My spiritual life began when I was really young. My parents thought me to love God and to communicate with him throughout prayers. Thus the happiest moments I learned to be thankful. I believe that one of the ways to reach happiness is by appreciating for everything we have. Each day of our life is a precious gift. God has given me the opportunity to reach so far personally and academically, he has showed me that he never has abandoned me and that he is also present in each of moments of my existence. Faith has guided me throughout the most difficult times. Jesus has established the path to eternal life. I tried to follow the commandments and I pray so God can guide my steps and allow me the opportunity to reach my dreams.

5) What experiences in your life would illustrate your perspective on service to others?
I have always tried to be helpful either at my home, school and any other situation that have come across. I do not like the indifference towards problems of other people. I believe that we all have moral responsibilities among each other. I truly believe that we can sin in both ways by committing wrong actions but also when we do not act in a diligent way when we must do so. When I have participated in different volunteer opportunities I have done it with love and diligence. I tried to give the best of me and show that someone really cares for them. I believe that one of the God commandments “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” invites us to serve. (only 750 Characters)

6) As a Christian educational institution the medical curriculum integrates spiritual, ethical and relational issues from a Christian perspective into the practice of medicine. Weekly chapel service and religion curses are part of this program. Please respond to the above as it relates to your personal educational and career goals(750 characters max )
I believe that Loma Linda medical school has met all the important elements that medical education should require. Thus it provides the knowledge accompanied by religious and social science education. It helps students to grow academically and also spiritually. I consider that participating in the weekly chapel service is an important time because allow students to withdraw from their busy schedule in order to communicate with God by prayers. I would feel honor participating in such as integral education based on Christian faith. (Only 750 characters)

7) Loma Linda University is a Seventh-day Adventist institution that has lifestyle expectations that include abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs. In the past year have you used any of these substances?
I believe that our body is the temple of our soul; therefore we should respect it and take good care of it. In general I try to keep a healthy life style by doing exercise regularly and eating healthy. I never have drink, smoke or use drugs because they contaminate our body and make us act in erroneous way. (ONLY 250 CHARACTERS)

8) If accepted to LLUSM, are you willing to abide by the lifestyle policies of Loma Linda University school of Medicine?
I do not feel that I have to make any particular change or I have to sacrifice a great part of me because the lifestyle policy of Loma Linda medical school is actually what I usually live like so I believe that naturally it fits my own life style. (ONLY 250 CHARACTERS)

9) Describe your involvement with your religious group
Bless sacrament was a local church in which I used to participate in different activities while I was living in New Jersey. I participated in weekly catechism, teaching children about catholic faith. Also I was involved in fund raising activities due to limited church resources to maintain and fix the chapel. (Only 750 characters)


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