Scientific methods

Topic: Scientific methods

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Week 6 – Tuesday 29 March 2015
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Electronically via Blackboard > Assessment 1: Essay folder
Learning Outcomes
• Understand the importance of precision and accuracy in data collection.
• Understand the scientific principles underlying atoms and particles,
thermodynamics and heat, the behaviour of waves, radiation, vibration and noise.
Scientific methods
Part 1 (10 marks)
Using OHS examples describe the differences between; precision
accuracy variability reliability and validity
(word count 1000 max)
Part 2 (15 marks)
The scientific method is a logical and rational way of investigation that helps us to organise our thoughts and procedures and generally we can identify 7 specific steps in this process, these are:
1. Observation
2. Asking a critical question
3. Developing a hypothesis
4. Making a prediction that can be tested
5. Performing experiments to test the prediction
6. Data collecting and analysis
7. Making a logical conclusion based on experimental results
Task: You observe that workers in a large open plan office environment tend to complain of headaches by mid-morning, particularly towards the end of the working week and the absenteeism rate amongst this group is much higher that among other employees.
Describe how you would use the “7 steps” to investigate this issue.
Grammar and referencing (5 marks)
Marking Criteria
Please refer to Blackboard > Assessment > Assessment 1 Marking Guidelines/Rubric
Feedback will be available via Blackboard > My Grades.

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