Science two mini tasks

Task One- Research a specific technology used to reduce water pollution in agriculture and examine the long term effects of this strategy. Write at least one paragraph. Here are some good links to examine from agricultural companies that offer all sorts of new technology: Agricultural practices (Links to an external site.) Drip irrigation (Links to an external site.) Water Treatment (Links to an external site.) Arris blog (Links to an external site.) Outline one of the latest technologies being used to purify and treat water. Write at least one paragraph. Here are some links to help you: Link 1 (Links to an external site.) Link 2 (Links to an external site.) TASK TWO -In this task, you need to write a short account of a major disaster involving water pollution. Here is a list (Links to an external site.) that might help you decide what to research but remember to choose one involving water pollution. You can structure your task with these questions: Where did it occur? What caused it? What were the societal effects? What were the environmental effects? How was the situation fixed? You should not need to write more than one page.

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