Schulich School of Medicine Case Study

Schulich School of Medicine Case Study

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Case Study
Chapter 8: Schulich School of Medicine, pp. 210 – 212.
Schulich School of Medicine: Enhancing and Developing a High-Performance Culture, By Ken Mark and Murray J. Bryant
How would you help Rylett frame her in group /out group issues?
When you analyze the case be sure to apply the Ellet article’s case analysis process model you read in week 1.
1. Situation – Synopsis of the case
2. Type of case – Problem, evaluation, decision or rules
3. Questions – Questions your have about the case
4. Hypothesis – A clear one or two sentence statement (do not use the chapter theory as your hypothesis)
5. Proof and Action – Evidence from the case supporting your hypothesis
6. Alternative- An alternative action that has less supporting evidence from the case

Rowe, G., & Guerrero, L. (2013). Cases in leadership (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA, Sage.

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