Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Essay

Background: My parents both immigrated from Vietnam. I am a first generation college student in my family as I was born in the USA. I do not have any siblings nor work experience. I am from a low-income family so I rely on grants and scholarships along with financial aid to pay for my tuition. Previously, I was a freshman at a community college with a major in Health & Medical Services. I maintained a good GPA throughout the first year by making the Dean’s List and was a Historian in the Science Interest Group by spearheading events/club activities to promote awareness and knowledge among students with professional guest speakers. I transferred to a University in my hometown the following year. I am currently a sophomore with a major in Human Nutritional/ Pre-Medical Science. (The B.S. in Human Nutrition and Foods (Nutritional Sciences Track) is a pre-professional degree plan designated to meet the requirements for pre-med, dental, optometry and other post-graduate programs in the health care area.) In the past, I had volunteered at a public library for three years. I utilized my Vietnamese skills, designed seasonal programs for library events, and checked bookshelves to verify orderly placement. I am also an adult volunteer at a hospital in the Human Resources department. I collaborate with the HR Coordinator and hospital departments with clerical duties and complied orientation paperwork and employee records. I am part of Delta Omega Chi (DOC), a medical service society that benefits underprivileged and undeserved areas in health care and Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA).

PROMPT 1: In 500 words, please describe your short-term and long-term personal and education/career goals and what has helped to shape your goals. What specific steps will you take to reach your personal/education/career goals?

**Please DO NOT copy and paste the following into the essay. If you need to, please consider paraphrasing.**

Inspiration: I’ve always had a passion helping my parents with chores and the reward of helping someone else had touched my heart. I knew I wanted to become a doctor ever since because of the rewarded feeling of helping a person in need. I’ve also grown up alongside my baby cousin who was born with Down Syndrome. I’ve seen what incredible things the people at the hospital do for their patients and families each and everyday which had also inspire me. [Feel free to incorporate this and elaborate more into the essay if necessary]

Short term goals: Maintain a good GPA throughout nutritional and pre-medical courses. To participate in an internship at a local clinic or hospital. To also work with researchers in the nutritional sciences department and assist with ongoing research projects. To get accepted into medical school. Will be participating in Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) ‘s health science events.

Long-term goals: Applying to medical school while receiving bachelor’s degree (B.S) in Human Nutrition. Becoming a medical physician, specifically a Pediatrician, and serve under-privileged communities/ developing countries.
PROMPT 2: In 500 words, please describe how you plan to give back to your community and help fulfill the needs of your community after you’ve completed your education. How would your plan impact not only your immediate community, but also a broader one?

Intentions: Alter the rumors that arises from the lower class about medical services in developing countries, especially Vietnam. Incorporate how I can use my nutrition knowledge and skills as a pediatrician. Promote nutritional awareness.Provide free healthcare services. Protect health interests of children. Give back to the community. Feel free to incorporate other ideas that may help support my determination.

PROMPT 3: In 500 words, please describe any challenges you have faced personally, financially, or academically that you have had to overcome. How have you dealt with the challenges you have faced? How have these barriers or your success in overcoming challenges affected your goals and personal character?

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