Schema Theory, Reading

Schema Theory, Reading

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Only use these 5 References (books)

Celce-Murcia, Marianne, Brinton, Donna, M. and Snow, Marguerite. Teaching English as a second or foreign language. Fourth edition

Harmer Jeremy (2007) The practice of English Language Teaching
Hedge, T. (2000). Teaching and learning in the language classroom. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
McDonough, J. and Shaw, C. (2012) Materials and Methods In ELT: A Teacher Guide.
Ur,P. (2005) A Course in Language Teaching.


In-text citation must include the page number. For example (Harmer, 2007, page 117).
– Please use simple words/vocabularies understood by non-English native speakers
-You should demonstrate the understanding of Schema Theory.
You should demonstrate the understanding of .authentic text –
You should integrate language skills ( speaking and writing) –
Characteristics of students: intermediate level, age 17 years, they study English as a foreign language, English is a compulsory subject in the school.

Authentic Reading Text
The power of advertising
Where would modern society be without advertising? Individual advertisers might
think they are just trying to sell a particular product but advertising as a whole sells us
an entire lifestyle. If it weren’t for advertising the whole of society would be quite
different. The economy, for instance, would be plunged into a crisis without the
adverts and all the publicity that fuel our desire for limitless consumption.
As John Berger observed in his book “Ways of Seeing”, all advertising conveys the
same simple message: my life will be richer, more fulfilling once I make the next
crucial purchase. Adverts persuade us with their images of others who have
apparently been transformed and are, as a result, enviable. The purpose is to make me
marginally dissatisfied with my life – not with the life of society, just with my
individual life. I am supposed to imagine myself transformed after the purchase into
an object of envy for others – an envy which will then give me back my love of
The prevalence of this social envy is a necessary condition if advertising is to have
any hold on us whatsoever. Only if we have got into the habit of comparing ourselves
with others and finding ourselves lacking, will we fall prey to the power of
While farming the flames of our envy advertising keeps us preoccupied with
ourselves, our houses, our cars, our holidays and the endless line of new electronic
gadgets that suddenly seem indispensable. Tensions in society and problems in the
rest of the world, if attended to at all, quickly fade into the background. They are

Before you start to write, read in the Student Guide:
0 the advice on formal written English, respecting conventions of
academic style
0 the learning outcomes of ELTMo8
o the assessment criteria for the Certificate.
If there is anything that you do not understand, ask your module
tutor, immediately.
In this assignment you have the opportunity to demonstrate your:
c ability to apply your knowledge and understanding of theory and best
practice in ELT to the evaluation and/or exploitation of authentic or
other teaching materials, taking into account the teaching context.
For this assignment you are required to apply your knowledge and
understanding of English language teaching to the selection and
exploitation of a piece of authentic material.
Using an authentic reading text which you have selected,
design pre-, while- and post-reading activities for a specific
group of learners based on insights from Schema Theory
and integrating the teaching of two or more language
Guidelines for answering this Question
Select an authentic text and make a copy of it. Include this
copy as an appendix to your assignment. Please note that a
text taken from a text book or graded reader is n_ot
considered to be authentic. Begin your essay by briefly
describing the characteristics of the group of students for
whom you are preparing the teaching materials. In the
remainder of the essay describe the activities you have
designed accompanied by a set of instructions for teachers
and provide a rationale for each one. You will also need to
make sure that you include references to the set books for
this module and other relevant sources where appropriate
to support your designs for the activities.


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