Scene Analysis_It Happened One Night

Scene Analysis_It Happened One Night

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Scene Analysis Paper Requirement

For this assignment you will focus on a particular scene in a film screened and explain its significance within the film’s overall design. ( you have to watch the whole movie first)

•You will consider how this scene contributes to the film’s narrative development and central themes by analyzing the scene’s most defining stylistic features (mise-en-scène, cinematography, editing, sound).

•You may choose to discuss all four of these stylistic categories, or three, or two. You must discuss more than one.

•Your paper must contain a thesis statement in its opening paragraph that argues why this scene is important

•Please read the example scene analysis on pages 41 – 43 of FCI for guidance on crafting a thesis statement and structuring your paper.

The sequences to analyze:

It Happened One Night – Peter and Ellie in motel room [Sequence begins with Peter and Ellie getting ready for bed and ends with Peter exiting the room, approx. 1:11:42 – 1:18:24]

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