Saraswati: Archetypal deity

Saraswati: Archetypal deity

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NOTE: This Essay does not just fall under “Religion and theology”, but under “psychology” too; Its suppose to be incorporating religious and psychological contents together — But, I have just selected ‘religion and theology’ as the subject

These are the instructions for the term essay that are assigned by the professor:

The essay will be comprised of your understanding of the MEANING OF THE ARCHETYPAL DEITY that you have chosen. This will include a DETAILED INTERPRETATION OF AS MANY ASPECTS OF THE IMAGE as possible including the specific physical form of the deity (e.g., number of limbs, unusual facial features, posture, color etc), the objects that the deity is holding, any objects and beings surrounding the main image etc.
Research the deity to your best of your ability, including both academic and spiritual literatures; DRAW ON psychological theories related to symbols, myths, legends (whether Buddhist, Hindu and non-Asian), religious symbolism, Buddhist art, Jungian psychology, psychoanalytic psychology. You can also include your own interpretation of the various aspects of the image that may come to you from within your own unconscious and personal unconscious and that may emerge spontaneously into your everyday consciousness, dreams, associations, etc. <– Give you a brief outline of everything linked with Saraswati

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