Said’s Orientalism and Invasion Narratives in Australia

Said’s Orientalism and Invasion Narratives in Australia

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In this piece of assessment, we are looking for students to write an essay that critically analyses Said’s concept of Orientalism. What we are looking for is an essay that examines and interrogates the concept of Orientalism. There are a few things you must do: you must define and explain Orientalism, you must consult at least 4 other secondary sources, and you must consider the relevance of the concept of Orientalism for Australia’s relationships and engagements with Asia.
I want to use the topic of invasion narratives for Australia and the “us” and “other” rhetoric. I’ll attach the references I want to use. Please use only these ones. Plus this link:
I’ve put down that this is a paper for Asian studies but its actually Australian studies so please can you make sure its from this perspective.

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